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Senj it's a town renowned for its eventful history, cultural heritage, literature and tradition. Senj is also centre of a region covering more than 650 km2 and encompassing numerous small towns and villages dotted along the shore at the foot of Mount Velebit: Sv. Juraj, Klada, Jablanac, Stinica…

Senj abounds in ancient archaeological sites, numerous churches and chapels, gothic and renaissance palaces, fortresses and towers.

The Nehaj fortress was built in 1558 to defend the town from Turk and Venetian attacks.

Senj is one of the cradles of Croatian culture and literacy, where Glagolitsa - the old Croatian alphabet - and the Croatian language were used since 11th century.

Numerous events, based on local traditions and culture, are always quite a special experience for any visitor.

Senj hosts an international carnival.

Carnival always means loads of fun, so it is no wonder that whole of the town lives for this time.

Visitor can find accommodation in comfortable private homes (APPARTMENTS AND ROOMS), it is cheaper than in hotels.

The maritime cuisine is based on fish and shellfish, vegetables, lamb and wine.

The region's areas of natural heritage preservation are the Velebit Nature Park and Croatia's youngest National park- Northern Velebit.

And if you decide to make an excursion from Senj, some destinations well worth visiting Plitvice Lakes National Park, the renowned seaside resorts of Opatija and Crikvenica , islands Rab, Krk and Pag.

Come and visit Senj!

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